Day One

Gaudi and his wonders .........

As said on the first day is dedicated to the art of this great performer ... GAUDI.

First stop today's SAGRADA Familla.

We really enchanted, of course, always evolving construction. Work began in 1882 under the reign of Alfonso XII of Spain. The building was started in the Gothic Revival style, but when Gaudí took over as designer work in 1883, at the age of 31 years, It was completely redesigned. The church was consecrated still not completed, the 7 November 2010, by Pope Benedict XVI, who has elevated to the rank of minor basilica.


How to get there:

If you stay at the center as we were (El Raval area) and I like to walk a little ', with 40 minutes you are at your destination, otherwise you can take both metro VIOLET BLUE L5 and L2 that that the stop course is to SAGRADA Familla.

Get up early to be there at nine o'clock as, especially at weekends it is really packed and the queues at the ticket office are longish. Precisely for this reason I recommend you buy tickets for the entrance and the guided tour, directly online at this address:

tickets Tour Giudato, Towers and Audio guide.


Below the opening hours and costs:

  • GUIDED TOUR.Prices: 29,50€ for adults and 26 € for children aged 10 to 17 years, free for children up to 9 years. 
  • GENERAL ADMISSION.Prices: 15€ adults / 13€ students and under 30 years / 11€ pensioners / free under 11 years and disabled.
  • INPUT WITH AUDIO-GUIDE.Prices: 22€ adults / 20€ students and under 30 years / 17€ pensioners / 6€ lower 11 years and disabled.
  • INPUT WITH TOWER AND AUDIO-GUIDE.Prices: 29€ adults / 27€ Students and under 30 years old / 22€ pensioners / free under 11 years (option not provided for persons with physical disabilities). Caution! Children under 6 years can not climb the towers!



  • From April to Septemberfrom 9:00 all 20:00.
  • From November to Februaryfrom 9:00 all 18:00.
  • October and Marchfrom 9:00 all 19:00.
  • 25 e 26 December and 1 e 6 Januaryfrom 9:00 all 14:00.


second stage CASA BATLLO’



               To continue the tour of this amazing artist we go to visit Casa Batllo an extraordinary building, its facades will trigger your camera a number of absurd times, as well as the extensions that are a set of illogical forms and colors. A construction of absurd beauty.

              In the central part of the facade, Gaudì poses of fragmented ceramic disks and the stained glass of different shapes so as to create a luminescence effects, while the upper part is covered with colored ceramic tiles that create a very special effect: They look like the scales of a reptile. At night the balconies are fully illuminated for a very charming effect.

              To reach again take the metro L2 VIOLA, Make only three stops and get off at Passeig de Gracia. To be with them alone 400 meter walk you to your destination and I assure you will have no doubt in recognizing.

             As already we recommended to the Sagrada Familla even here it would be appropriate to buy your tickets online to avoid the queues sometimes even hours.

These all useful information for visiting:


  • in Ticket, but armed with lots and lots of patience.
  • Insite, clicking on the link below. Once the printed email that they send, Visitors must report directly to the side where it saysfast pass, and here will change your email printed with the voucher andThey will make you enter avoiding the long queue at the ticket office (not you can show your ticket on the mobile). 



  • adults: 23,50 € cn Fast Pass 28,50 €
  • students, over 65 years and boys from 7 to 18 years: 20,50 €
  • There are no discounts for the disabled (this work is not public)
  • Children up to 6 years: free

Included in the price there is an audio-guide in Italian or video-experimental guide (the latter subject to availability).



  • Open every day of the year;
  • from 9 all 21 (last admission at 20);
  • The visit takes about 1 hour / 1 ½ hours
  • In some cases there is the possibility of finding a reduced visiting hours for some celebration event, but rarely it happens.
  • Without a publicized programming, you might attend a concert on the terrace of the palace.


       Just out from this wonderful home you will be definitely happy with what you have seen, but also you will be hungry ... will be about 13.

In the neighborhood of Casa Batllo you will be spoiled for choice, we will suggest a couple of places we stayed and enjoyed.

  • WHERE WE GO? . Small venue created and run by two Italians, salernitani for the accuracy, where the Iberian taste blends the Italian tradition.

       Their specialties are cold cuts, cheeses, soups and sandwiches. Of course you can wash it all down with a good Spanish wine. It spends about 15-20 € per person and find open from the hours they 10:00 all 22:00, daily except Mondays. Sono in Roger de Lluria 39.

  • THE paradeta. It is a chain of 6 self-service restaurants in Barcelona and you will find us just fish. E 'in Consell de Cent 318,  5 minute walk from the house of Gaudí. The fish is very good and you do not spend more than 20 € (drink included). Closed on Mondays.
  • METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION  Last choice and perhaps the fastest if you have not much time. Local famous for its tapas. Good but the portions are not very generous. It can be found in Passeig de Gràcia, 44, and it is open every day from 7 e 45 all 2 at night. Saturdays and Sundays opens at 9 e 30.


third stage MILA HOUSE’ (The stone)


              After our snack ... or a good dinner ..:-) We do a little walk and we will reach in a few minutes, the third stop on our tour of the great architect. CASA MILA Pedrera or as it is commonly called.

              The street in Provence trovate 261-265 (pratica all'Angolo fra Provence Street and Paseo de Gracia) and the stop of the nearest metro station is Diagonal (green line L3 and L5 blue)

             Another building that enhances the brilliance of this artist. The building was commissioned by industrialist Mila in the early '900 and consists of six floors, a stunning terrace and two courtyards. Architectural forms, the decorations and the total absence of straight lines makes this unique building. Get on the roof of Casa Mila with its chimneys so surreal, undulating ground, worth the entire price of the ticket. from 1984  He has been nominated by 'UnescoWorld Heritage.

The visit lasts approximately Pedrera 1 hour / 1 hour and a half and includes the top three floors of the building and the courtyard.


That's useful information for your visit to Casa Milla:



  • At the entrance to the ticket office. But here too ... lots and lots of patience.
  • On the official website of Casa Milla, the links that I propose below. The procedure is not in Italian but only in English or Spanish. If you take it hereavoid the tail and the ticket can be seen from the cell:


  • Or from the Tourist,in this link. Here the process is in Italian, the price is the same and also here avoided the tail, but you'll have to print the ticket. Whether you choose the first or second solution must indicate the date and time of visit.



  • Adult: 22,00€
  • students: 16,50€ (bring student card or ID card where of course it says student employment)
  • Disabled: 16,50€ (the accompanying enters free only if the disabled person has mobility problems or more of the 65% disability)
  • children from 7 to 12 years: 11,00€
  • Audio guide included in Italian with any type of ticket



  • La Pedrera is open from Monday to Sunday
  • from 2 January to 2 March 2017 pm 9 all 18:30 (you can enter up to 18:00)
  • from 3 March November 1 2017 from 9 all 20:30 (you can enter up to 20:00)
  • closed 25 December and 9 al 15 January 2017 for renovations.

Caution: 15 minutes before closing access to the upper floors is precluded.


The fourth stage of the fairy-tale world PARC GUELL


            It's 15 about ... yet the forms and the genius of Ford are not satiated color? And then the last stage today and the amazing PARC GUELL. It takes a couple of hours to visit it abundant but well worth the money. The park takes its name from Eusebi Güell, a wealthy entrepreneur passionate about the works of Gaudí. Although the main idea was to build a luxury residential complex, over the years this idea was abandoned, giving way instead to park that looks straight out of a fairy tale.

        Who will lose if, admiring the totally unpredictable forms of its square-terrace, the flamboyant fountain on top of the main staircase in the shape of salamander, the one hundred columns room and much more, a triumph of ceramics and glass, color and reflections that will capture.

How to get there. We left at home Milla. From here you have two alternatives:

  • By bus 24 da Passeig de Gracia, which leaves you right outside the door without having to face a climb, It is short but very steep.
  • With the meter. The stop is LESSEPS or Vallcarca ". If you choose this option, you can use the escalators that are in Baixada de la Gloria, and proseguire to Pasaje de Sant Josep de la Montana, Also here you will find a mechanical scale.
  • If you want to do some gymnastics with ilBus Turístic. The bus will drop you 5 minute walk uphill from the park.


         The park entrance is marked by two small houses that look really out of a Grimm's fairy tale. Upon entering you will find yourself in front of the LIZARD / MOSAIC the most famous in the world, before moving to TEMPLE DORICO (a forest of 88 column) and going up the stairs you will reach the main attraction of the park, the BENCH TRACADIS, a long coated ceramic bench.

Here's some info:


          from 25 October 2013 the entrance to Parc Güell is a fee. The less touristy part of the park is still free, while the partmonumental  It is charged. When booking you must indicate the day and time of visit. Be on time.

         For adults it costs € 7, while for children aged 7 to 12 years and for the over-65 costs € 4.90. CAUTION: if you get out from the monument then you can no longer re-enter. The House-Museum Gaudí is not owned by the park so you can not visit with the same ticket.



  • in Ticket, but there are two drawbacks, the first is that after hours straight you could say that the tickets are sold out, the second that costs 1 EUR more purchase online;
  • The official site of PARC GUELL. Tickets purchased online can be validated directly with the cell phone
  • From the site TicketBar. We we got hereThe special feature is that they can not sell tickets classics, taking them here you have a guided tour with a guide in Italian. It is an exclusive service that you will not find even in the park's official website. The tour lasts an hour and a half (circa) and you can do on Mondays, Thursday, Fridays and Sundays. The meeting is in carrer de Larrard 41, a stone's throw from the park (facing the Gaudí Experience). The visit starts at 17:30.

       After purchase you will receive an email confirmation of payment from and within Ticketbar 24 hours they will also post the voucher with all the details needed to get prepared to the meeting. The voucher or printed, or as we did you see on the phone while driving.

        With this ticket AVOID THE LONG LINE IN TICKET and you understand the entry in the paid part of the park! Prices: The tour costs 26 € for adults and 19 € for children from 10 to 17 years.


Park Guell opening schedule

  • from 30 October 2016 al 26 March 2017: from 8.30 pm 18.15 (The last entry is at 17.30)
  • from 27 March to May 1 2017: from 8.00 pm 20.30 (The last entry is at 19.30)
  • From 2 May to 28 August 2017: from 8.00 pm 21.30 (The last entry is at 20:30)
  • from 29 August 29 October 2017: from 8.00 pm 20.30 (The last entry is at 19.30)



       What do you think now of the great Gaudi. To us the first time he really left speechless. But now we finished The Gaudi's Tour. At this point it is time to return to the hotel / condo . If you want to eat something immediately, with just a few minutes you are in the neighborhood of Gracia, where you will be spoiled for choice.

Thanks for having read and if you want you can check our tour for the second day. Ciaooooooooooooo ..... (GO TO DAY TWO)


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